Intelligent Financial Protection Platform

With over 70 million Americans aged 60 and older, older adults are prime targets for financial exploitation both by persons they know and trust and by strangers. Financial exploitation has been called “the crime of the 21st century” with one study suggesting that older Americans lost $3.7 billion annually.

A key factor in some cases of elder financial exploitation is mild cognitive impairment which can diminish an older adult’s ability to make sound financial decisions. The cases tend to be very complex and can be difficult to investigate and prosecute.

Elder financial abuse can result in the loss of the ability to live independently; decline in health; broken trust, and fractured families. Awareness and early intervention is imperative.

TrustLink is a platform that uses artificial intelligence and delegated governance models to protect the financial wellbeing of loved ones. Principals can connect bank accounts, cards and financial records to the TrustLink app and nominate Trustees to help them protect their finances. Our Cognitive AI Engine analyzes patterns and trends real time in all financial transactions and sends alert to Principals and Trustees so they can act accordingly.

TrustLink helps preventing scams and frauds, lowers the costs of managing these cases and monitors and detects financial vulnerability.

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